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Aerobelt Conveyors

Aerobelt air supported Conveyors can be supplied in a range of sizes and capacities to transport a wide range of common and specialised products. Belt Widths and Conveyor Lengths range from 300mm wide belt to 1800mm and conveyor lengths from a few metres to several hundred in a single or multi stage configuration. Tonnage rates vary from a few tonnes an hour (TPH) to two thousand TPH..

Many different products are transported on Aerobelt Conveyors across a range of industries including food, mining and industrial products.

About Aerobelt Australia

The Engineers at Aerobelt Australia have extensive experience on all types of Aerobelt design, installation and maintenance. They have extensive backgrounds in Design, Mining and Industrial Engineering.

There are over two hundred and fifty Aerobelt Conveyors supplied by Aerobelt Australia in all states in Australia and in several overseas locations.

We have many long term customers who have bought conveyors for several installations and are highly satisfied with the Aerobelt product and working relatioship with the Aerobelt team.

Aerobelt Australia Pty Ltd worked closely with Sluis the Aerobelt OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in Europe.


There are many advantages in using Aerobelt conveyors arising from their non conventional construction. Significant advantages include:

  • An ability to convey product at steeper inclines due to the low product agitation on a continuously supported air belt
  • Fewer moving parts result in less noise and maintenance requirements
  • The enclosed design reduces dust, noise and improves safety by providing a physical barrier between personnel and the loaded belt
  • Lower power consumption results in smaller drives, reduced power requirements and overall lighter weight conveyor construction

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Supply, Installation and Commissioning Options

Aerobelt Australia can supply conveyors on a Supply Only, Supply and Commission, or Supply, Install and Commission basis. We are flexible to meet your specific project needs. We can also design and supply supporting structural steel, electrical system supply and other Engineering and Project Management services to suit the requirements of your installation.

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