Advantages of Aerobelt Conveyors

Aerobelt conveyors offer a number of distinct advantages over traditional designs.

Many of these are derived from the low belt friction and smooth movement of product inherent in the air supported belt design.

Traditional belt conveyor agitate their loads to such an extend that there is product loss, pollution and above all abrasion. Aerobelt moves smoothly and fast, minimizing product degradation, while conveying greater volumes.

Key Advantages Include:

Design / Engineering

  • Aerobelt Conveyors can transport product on inclines of up to 27 degrees.
  • Aerobelt Conveyors are reversible
  • Conveyors are prefabricated in sections facilitating rapid installation and ease of transport
  • Power consumption is significantly reduced due to lower friction
  • Belt construction can also be lighter due to reduced working tension
  • Many types of belt are compatible with Aerobelt Conveyors including FRAS (Fire Resistant, Anti Static), Food Grade Belt and High Temperature Belt (200 Degrees Celcius)
  • Stainless steel options are available for food grade or corrosive / abrasive environments
  • Aerobelt conveyors can be retrofitted to reuse existing roller conveyor galleries and steelwork including accomodating concave and convex profile curves


  • Lower noise emissions due to lack of moving parts and fully covered design
  • Fully covered design enhances product integrity and operator safety
  • There are very few rollers and pulleys to monitor or grease
  • A slight stream of air on the belt keeps the trough clean.

Product advantages are detailed further on the following pages accessible via the menu at the top of the screen.

Aerobelt has a highly varied range of configuration options and a proven track record in the field and these are detailed in the Aerobelt Design section of this site.