Operational Advantages

Aerobelt conveyors offer a number of Operational Advantages due to it's unique design.

Aerobelt conveyors are almost friction free and there are few moving parts as the primary means of product and belt support is a film of low pressure air.

General Maintenance Requirements

By reducing the number of moving parts many of the points of operational failure and maintenance expediture such as build up of material on rollers, roller bearing seizure or failure is significantly reduced.  This results is lower ongoing maintenance costs.

Lower Noise and Dust Emissions

Due to lack of moving parts and fully covered design dust and noise emissions are signficantly reduced. Noise emissions of 55-65 dbA can be measured adjacent to fully loaded running Aerobelt Conveyors.

Covered Design Enhances Product Integrity and Operator Safety

Aerobelt Conveyors can be configured with a number of cover options from side covers only to full side, top and bottom covers. Conveyors are typically covered on the sides and top. This significantly enhances operator safety preventing access the moving belt and product. It also prevent ingress of unwanted material into the carried product.

Few Rollers and Pulleys to Monitor or Grease

Due to the lack of carry side rollers only there are far fewer lubrication and monitoring points on an Aerobelt Conveyor compared to a conventional roller type conveyor.

Only drive and tail pulley bearings need lubrication and gearbox oil levels are checked routinely.

Supporting Air Flow Cleans the Trough

As the supporting air flows between the trough and belt it restricts the ingress of material between the belt and trough and ejects most material that falls at the trough / belt boundary.