Aerobelt Design Overview

The Aerobelt is an Air Cushion Belt Conveyor. In this system the belt is carried on a film of air. Air is blown into the Air Box or Plenum under the Conveyor belt by a small fan. One fan is sufficient for over two hundred metres of belt conveyor.

Conceptual Schematic

Aerobelt Operating Principle

This animation shows the working principle of the Aerobelt.
Press the green start button to begin the animation and the red button to stop.

Standard Aerobelt Conveyor Construction

  • The number of air holes in the trough, the air pressure and volume depends on the material being transported.

  • Belt widths vary from 300mm to 1800mm. These are detailed further along with nominal design capacities on the Aerobelt Capacities page.

  • Galvanised steel is used as the standard construction material, although many installations have used Stainless Steel for part or almost all components to meet food or corrosive / abrasive environment needs.

  • These design features are detailed further within subsequent Aerobelt Design pages accessible via the menu at the top of the screen.