Capacity and Sizing of Aerobelt Conveyors

This section outlines the physical dimensions of Aerobelt Conveyors and covers the basic drivers of product throughput and achieved Tonnes Per Hour.

Belt widths on Aerobelt Conveyors vary from 300mm to 1400mm

Capacities - Tonnes Per Hour (TPH)

Belt Width TPH
300 - 400 mm 10 - 50
500 mm 50 - 100
650 mm 100 - 200
800 mm 200 - 500
1000 mm 500 - 900
1200 mm 900 - 1200
1400 mm 1000 - 2000
1800 mm 1000 - 2000+

The above table are indicative capacities. Final capacity is determined by a number of factors.

Factors include:

  • Product density and flow characteristics
  • Surcharge angle (Dynamic angle of repose of product on the belt)
  • Belt speed achievable with associated feed and discharge points

Aerobelt Conveyor Lengths and Widths

Individual Aerobelt Conveyors range from less than 10 Metres to approximately 630 Metres. Installations of over 800m have been installed using multiple linked conveyors to accomodate both horizontal and vertical direction changes.

Trough Cross Sectional Widths

Typical conveyor trough cross sectional widths for common sizes are:

Belt Width (Flat)
Overall Trough Width
400mm 610mm
650mm 860mm
800mm 1100mm

Typical Cross Section Dimensions

Head and Tail station width varies significantly and is dependent on Drive size, Fan Location, Belt Take Up design as well as project specific arrangement requirements.