Aerobelt Configuration Options

Many variations to standard Aerobelt conveyors are available. A number of options are available as standard. Many additional unique project requirements have been met by the Engineering Team at Aerobelt Australia and some are listed here. If there is an unusual configuration requirement for your material handling needs do not hesitate to contact us and we will give you a rapid appraisal of the options.

Conveyor Construction Options

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Specialised Bearings and other Ancillary Components for Aggressive Environments
  • Incorporation of Inline Weighers (Including Trade Weighers)
  • Hazardous and DIP construction

Chutes and Inlet Options

  • Stainless steel construction as required
  • High wear resistant chutes and inlet doors
  • Shuttle Feeder Conveyor *
  • Reversing Conveyor
* Aerobelt Australia was the recipient of the 'Most Innovative Product' Award
at the 2008 Australian Bulk Handling Awards for a Shuttle Installation
See the Awards Page for more information.

Belt Types and Availability

  • For standard applications Aerobelt Australia uses stock belt from local suppliers ensuring rapid and cost effective supply
  • Lower working tensions result in use of lower cost lighter weight belt over equivalent conventional designs
  • Many belt types are available for use on Aerobelt Conveyors including:

    • Standard 2 and 3 ply rubber belt
    • Food Grafe PVC belt
    • FRAS Belt
    • High Temperature Belt

Belt Take Up

  • Manual or powered screw take up options
  • Gravity Take Up tower using unique Aerobelt Australia design to fully enclose weight and take up cable

Supporting Steelwork

  • Installation Into Existing Steelwork
  • Accomodation of Concave & Convex Curves in a single Conveyor to utilise an existing Conveyor Gantry
  • Design and Modification of existing steelwork to accomodate Aerobelt installation
  • Cable Supported Elevated Spans
(For additional information on supporting Steelwork design and supply navigate to the Structural Steelwork Supply page using the menu on the left)