Design Services

During any project Aerobelt Engineers are happy to assist in ensuring a smooth and cost effective process for the supply, installation, operation and maintenance of Aerobelt Conveyors.

Roller conveyors can also be designed and supplied to suit client requirements.

Production Configuration

From initial tender stage to full operational commissioning Aerobelt Australia is committed to the design process and ensuring the product meets the agreed project specification requirements and potential performance improvements or design issues are raised and dealt with appropriately during the design phase.

Aerobelt Engineers can assist with full end to end specification, design, installation and commissioning. With an installed base of well over 200 conveyors in a variety of industries there is much experience to draw upon.

Steelwork Design

Supporting steelwork can be reviewed and new conveyors designed to fit existing supporting steelwork or new steelwork designed, fabricated and supplied to meet your requirements. This area is outlined in more detail on the 'Structural Steelwork Supply' page accessible from the menu at the left side of the screen or via the Site Map.

Chutes & Inlet Design

As part of any project Aerobelt Engineers can, if requested, provide advice on the chute and inlet design between Aerobelt(s) and associated material handling equipment to ensure the interface between the installed Aerobelt(s) and other plant. This is a "free" service and is an important part of the design of Aerobelt Conveyors.

Aerobelt Australia frequently design, fabricate and supply chutes as required.

Installation & Operation

The advice process continues with the delivery installation and commissioning process.

Aerobelt Australia can supply a range of services from Ex Works Supply Only to Supply, Delivery, Steelwork Fabrication,Electrical System Design and Supply and Installation and Commissioning. For more detail on these options review the page Installation Services via the Main Menu or Site Map.


If required high level drawings of trough assemblies and associated equipment can be supplied to assist transport and loading/unloading planning.


Recommendations on:

  • Optimal lifting and installation access path for the conveyor troughs and head and tail stations,
  • installation order,
  • jointing requirements and
  • belt pulling and splicing.

Supply of Installation, operating and maintenance manual.


Usually and Aerobelt Engineer will be present for dry and/or wet commissioning as required.


Review and recommendations regarding any initial operational issues as well as a review and recommenations on issues at the feed or discharge points of the conveyor that may be affecting design performance.

Supply of Installation, operating and maintenance manual.


Drawings of access points and clearance distances can be prepared as required.

General Recommendations

Aerobelt Australia retains strong links with it's Clients and is always available for general advice and recommendations re the long term successful operation of the Aerobelt Conveyors.