Supporting Steelwork Design & Supply / Modification

Aerobelt Australia not only has the ability to supply the Conveyor System. It has the resources to review, design and supply Supporting steel work for the Conveyor Installations.

In summary Aerobelt Engineers can offer the following:

  • Review of existing steelwork / gantry structures and footings to hold the planned Conveyors in terms of structural load bearing capacity and physical dimensions
  • Design expertise to modify and / or supply and install new steelwork and footings.
  • Fabrications to modify exisiting steelwork can be supplied.

In this way Aerobelt Engineers can optimise the design of steelwork for the interface between the new Conveyor(s) inlet and discharge points and existing plant.

This significantly reduces the need for communications between Aerobelt Engineers and Project Design Staff detailing additional steelwork. Project staff can then be reassigned to other project tasks.