Aerobelt Awards

Aerobelt has been a recipient of a number of Awards. Highlights include:

Australian Bulk Handling Awards

Most Innovative Product Award - 2008

This Award was in recognition of an innovative shuttle conveyor installed at the Australian Paper facility at Morwell in Victoria.

Aerobelt was asked to tender for a system to replace the tripper conveyor and provide an increased throughput of 400 cubic metres per hour of woodchip, ranging from a density of 0.145 to 0.227 tonnes per cubic metres of woodchip.

As part of the specification Aerobelt system would have to accelerate, travel and stop between any of the nine digesters in 20 seconds, with the latter figure the maximum time allowed to achieve the desired digester throughput.

Part of the original tender layout drawings indicated three large screw conveyors were required to fill the bins due to the location of the digesters at the site. Aerobelt submitted a design of an 800mm-wide reversible shuttle conveyor that had the capability to ensure all nine digesters could be filled, and in a random order as dictated by the process.

All the screw conveyors were removed from the design.

Western Sydney Industry Awards 2003

Import Replacement Award - Finalist & Highly Commended

Macarthur Industry Awards 2002

Export/Import Replacement - Highly Commended